Hello! My name is Marco Rinaldi And I'm an Internet guy.


But not just any guy! I am the founder of Kleomedes, one of the most innovative decentralized organizations in the Web3 Cosmos ecosystem. To date, Kleomedes secures over $10 million in digital assets and serves a portfolio of more than 40,000 clients.




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My skills put in embarrassment an entire dedicated team.

Linux DevOps & Sysadmin

13 years of experience

I installed my first Linux distribution at the tender age of 13, and it was love at first sight with command shells, bash scripts, networks, and firewalls. A few years later, I began hosting my own applications on the Internet using a home server. I get bored easily, and over the years, I have upgraded my home lab into a full-fledged data center, delving into high availability, shared storage, disaster recovery, and network security with segmented LAN and packet control. Since 2011, I have been professionally hosting websites and complex applications. To this day, hosting remains my main passion.

The Cloud is just someone else's computer.

Marco Rinaldi

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Web Designer

19 years of experience

A year before discovering Linux, my passion for the web was born. The day I received an Acer laptop as a gift, my life changed forever. At just 12 years old, I launched my first website with a free domain and hosting: omastweb.tk, during a time when Altervista was dominating the Italian web scene. Unfortunately, back then I knew little about backup techniques and data preservation, and the site was eventually lost. After Omastweb, I built and launched dozens of websites, some more popular than others, including this one.

When I build a website, I do much more than a conventional web designer would. I use all my skills to create a product that I can be proud of. I study your market sector, the competition, and the reference keywords, analyze consumer needs, and the type of results they expect when they click on a website in your industry.

You can put a red shimmering sign on the homepage.

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SEO Specialist

14 years of experience

My websites all faced the same problem: I had no budget for advertising, nor the boldness to shamelessly promote on forums and chatrooms (before social media existed). Often, I resolved this dilemma by building a good reputation on forums and specialized sites, and traffic would follow accordingly. The same good reputation that was established among people was also reflected in search results. Little has changed; the concept of authority still drives everything.

Today, it's more complicated; the competition is fierce, and Google's algorithm is less inclined to promote small websites for free. SEO has effectively become much more expensive than any type of advertising. However, with the necessary budget, becoming the top Google search result can signify being the leading expert in your field.

As an SEO specialist, my job largely involves discouraging small businesses from embarking on what is often an impossible endeavor. In this industry, we now have to compete with giants like Wikipedia, Forbes, and TripAdvisor. Furthermore, the top three search results are typically sponsored, followed by three YouTube videos. The latest news is that Google will soon launch AI-powered responses, adding yet another layer to the challenge.

Google is a list of advertisements with an organic result here and there.

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Web Marketer

19 years of experience

We're back to my golden years, shortly after launching my first website at 14-15 years old. Once I discovered that I could earn money by selling products and services, or even better, just from the traffic the site generated, there was no doubt about the career I would pursue. Since then, I've tried every affiliate program out there, both in Italian and English. I still remember how my parents were furious, unable to comprehend how a prepubescent kid could buy loads of nonsense and gadgets mixed with phones and TVs without having to ask for a single penny. If you already have a quality website but are struggling to monetize it, I could be extremely useful to you.

Just start, money will follow.

Mantra Webmarketing community

Social Media & Ads

5 years of experience

I detest social media, but that doesn't mean I don't understand them. In 2019, I founded Netpass Media, which, over its three years of operation, managed the web identities of prominent clients like Accademia della Moda and Eufarma, to name a few. Today, when a client asks for social media management, I mostly rely on the team at Webincat, with whom I worked during my three years at Netpass.

For social media, rather than chasing viral effects or squandering money on the latest influencers, I ensure that the client has branding that's appropriate for their scale, leaving nothing to chance regarding public perception.

Equally important is the advertising plan. Only a few manage to garner loads of views for free, and if you don't have a powerhouse figure representing your brand, allocating a substantial advertising budget can make a significant difference.

As a social media and ads consultant, I focus on identifying the right target audience and ensuring that advertisements reach only those who are genuinely interested, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the budget.

My son said we need to work with influencers.

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2004I get my first computer as a gift

    My life will never be the same again. That laptop immediately becomes my best friend.
  • 2005I put online "Omastweb.tk"

    You never forget your first site, and "Omastweb" a tennis site where I used to manually update the ATP rankings will forever remain carved in my heart.
  • 2007Various tetatives with webmarketing

    I have a clear goal in my head from the start: I want to make a living from the Internet. My first attempts mostly involve forums and news sites, with little luck.
  • 2007I enter the world of incentivized ads

    In 2007 I am 15 years old, and I have a huge problem: I cannot have a card to pay digitally online.
    I need a starting budget for my sites and that is exactly why I am starting to hang out in the world of PTCs (literally "Paid to Click"). Websites where you are given up to 5 cents to click and watch certain advertisements.
  • 2007I open my PTC

    Also in the same year, 5 cents at a time, I accumulate a small budget to buy a domain and hosting.
    As a user I become an administrator of a PTC, earnings begin to rise.
  • 2008From PTC administrator to reseller

    I am not the only one who wants to open a PTC, but unlike me the others have no technical knowledge to do so.
    I start selling domain and hosting with a script for PTC translated by me into Italian for 250€ per year. I sell dozens and dozens of packages, so many that I begin to be afraid of the legal implications.
    After reimbursing most of the clients I decide to discontinue the business.
  • 2013Blackball

    After a few years spent exploring menial and menial jobs (waiter, bartender, piastrista, etc.), I came to my senses and went back to doing the only thing I'm really good at: blogging, webhosting, and commisison sites. I started with a blog with my best friends, Massimo Giacca (now Webbincat), and Antonio Casparriello (now live sound engineer) about movies, TV series, video games, and fun news. Blackball.it, of which you can still find some instanea on the Internet Archive. We had a great time, unfortunately, however, after a year of work the blog never took off.
  • 2014Various employee jobs

    After Blackball, I went into door-to-door website sales under the name BlackAgency (you can also find something here on Wayback Machine) with mixed results. Although even at the time I was extremely tenically capable, I was never much of a salesperson. Selling door-to-door can get really daunting.
  • 2019Netpass Media

    After several years as an employee in various companies as an IT manager, including a very formative year at the U.S. Navy military base in Griginano di Aversa, I founded Netpass Media, a webagency specializing in creating websites and social media. This time, however, with a real sales manager. We had immediate success but complicit with the stop for the Covid period and difficulties related to expansion, I put the company into liquidation after only 3 years.
  • 2020Kleomedes DAO

    I started trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies back in 2017, but it wasn't until 2020 that I found my realization in this world. Since then with Kleomedes I provide infrastructure services for blockchains built with the Cosmos SDK. To date in our client portfolio we have over 30 blockchains, about 40,000 stakers and over $10 million in entrusted digital assets.
  • 2024marcorinaldi.us

    Kleomedes is now well established, and I get bored quickly. They say you never forget your first love, and with this latest venture I want to provide the services I'm most attached to: secure and fast webhosting, level-headed websites and consulting to anyone who needs it.

Now you know my whole story.

I can start helping you right away with what I've learned from 20 years of adventures on the web, spanning all possible disciplines.